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Episode 23: Beta Dungeon Impressions and a Farewell to Rob Pardo, Sean and Matt discuss Rob Pardo’s departure from Blizzard along with special guest host @GitErRaid. With the beta having been out for some time, the crew talk about their first hand impressions at the new dungeons. Matt happens to go off on a tiny tangent towards the end about how healing feels overall and whether or not the sky is actually falling. Don’t worry. It’s not.


Last Chance to Join the Edge!

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Sean and I are still going over applications for that elusive third co-host for The Edge! We’re hoping to go live with the extremely lucky individual next week, but there’s still time for you to get your application in! If you’re still nervous, let me offer you a few pointers. Tips Speak clearly. Don’t mumble. Speak at a normal pace. Pretend you’re just having a conversation. No need to rush yourself or feel pressured. Relax! Slow it down! I’m guilty of this but that’s because I’m really excited about the news and topics we’re discussing. Easy on the Um’s. If you find yourself going “um” or “uh”, to force yourself to inhale instead. Practice. It’s okay to do more than one take. Rehearse repeatedly with the gear you have. Fiddle with the volume if you need to. Practice and revise what you’re saying as you go! Speaking is way different than blogging or writing. Look


The Edge Wants You!

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Sean and I are looking for a third co-host! Unfortunately, Alex will no longer be with the show due to timing restrictions. We’re looking for someone who’s genuinely passionate about World of Warcraft. You don’t have to be a top tier raider or a hardcore pet battler (although both will be advantages). We try to get together once a week and discuss the latest news and additions to the game we love. Send an email to edge@blizzpro.com with your name, age, and location. Provide a history of your gaming experience. We want to know what games you’re into and it doesn’t have to be all Blizzard. In addition to joining the Edge, you’ll be signing with the Blizzpro team and we want to know why you’re interested in working with us (and specifically podcasting). The Edge isn’t just a podcast as it’s also a video show. That means you’ll need to

Episode 18: 6.0 Pre-Patch, SoO Progression, and Eventbrite’s Failures

Episode 17: Healer Imbalance Battlegrounds, Raiding, and Rogues Community Manager Lore took to the forums to discuss healer imbalance in battlegrounds and what Blizzard plans to do about it. Alex leads off with her thoughts on the idea of Blizzard enforcing queued roles. Matt expresses his concerns and speculates whether this technology is going to be imported into the PvE side of the game. In the raiding environment, Blizzard has detailed a complete breakdown of their raid philosophy and design goals ranging from the beginning of the game to Cataclysm to the current approach going forward into Warlords of Draenor. Matt and Alex break it down and both reminisce about their raiding experiences over the years. In our ongoing series on class overviews based on what we know from the Alpha notes, Sean goes over the class that is the love of his life: Rogues! Matt: So bottom line, do I actually want


BlizzCon 2014, PAX East, and WoW Source

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Episode 16: BlizzCon 2014, PAX East, and WoW Source Welcome to Episode 16 of The Edge! The first major news? BlizzCon 2014 has officially been announced! It’ll be held in Anaheim on the weekend of November 7th to 8th. Speaking of conventions, PAX East was held not too long ago and the big news out of that was around Hearthstone and the upcoming adventure mode involving Curse of Naxxramas. Since The Edge is about class information and improvement, we kick off a multi-part series explaining the new updates coming with each class and spec. Last week, Matt examined the priest. In this episode, Alex goes over Monks.

Episode 15: Alpha reactions, Draenor perks, and Priest Changes Welcome to Episode 15 of The Edge! It’s a huge week for World of Warcraft as Blizzard has seen fit to unload a train load of information. The alpha test version notes have been released. Your hosts Matt and Sean comment about their initial reactions to the news. In addition to class updates, more information was given out about the upcoming Draenor perks that characters will receive as they level from 90 to 100. Matt goes into further detail explaining what they are and why we’re receiving them. Since The Edge is about class information and improvement, we kick off a multi-part series explaining the new updates coming with each class and spec. This week, we look at the priest. Big time tuning changes were applied to all three specs. Matt reviews the major points along with his first thoughts at the

Episode 14: Mythic raiding, dungeons, and April Fools


Cross Realm Raiding

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Episode 13: Cross Realm Raiding


Reintroducing The Edge!

by Alexandra Meurling on

The Edge is a unique show about World of Warcraft. The show discusses the latest news and opinion while providing you with insight into your class, your skills, and your raid. It will give you The Edge you need in World of Warcraft! We go LIVE every Tuesday at 5 PM PST/8 PM EST. Some of you who turned in to watch The Edge last week might have noticed that a few changes had been made. Not only have we reinvented the concept of the show, but we have also added a third host, Matt “Matticus” Low!  Tonight marks the second show for our newest host, and it is only fitting that we introduce ourselves properly.  So, without further ado, I give you the hosts of The Edge! Name: Alexandra Meurling Twitter: @ameurling Main character: Draenei Mistweaver Monk Played since: 2009 Interests in WoW: Raiding, pet battles, transmogrification, PvP Favorite boss fight: Still the Lich King

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