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Episode – 17 In the latest PTR update 2 Handers and Monks received more buffs, but are they enough? Our hosts also discuss the merits behind some of the other class changes in this update and talk about some of the fan feedback they’ve received over the last week.

Episode 19: Hearthstone Power Hour: Wing 1 of Naxx and Class Challenges Naxx has launched and we walk you through the first 3 bosses! We talk about the strengths and weaknesses of the new cards that are handed out and work our way through some incredibly awesome lag! Stay tuned for next week when we cover wing 2!


Episode 45: Curse of Naxxramas is HERE (almost) Articles covered Gaze of the Black Prince Buff is back Ashran Zone Preview Gorgrond Zone Preview Talador Zone Preview 2 handers FINALLY buffed in 2.1 New Battleground, New Hero (Heroes of the Storm) Curse of Naxxramas Spoiler List ESPN to show DoTA 2′s Tournament – The International

Episode 18: Kolento Pally Kolento Paladin Class: Paladin Paladin (14) Humility Equality x2 Holy Light Aldor Peacekeeper x2 Truesilver Champion x2 Consecration x2 Hammer of Wrath Guardian of Kings Lay on Hands Tirion Fordring Neutral (16) Elven Archer Knife Juggler x2 Wild Pyromancer x2 Harvest Golem x2 Defender of Argus Sen’jin Shieldmasta x2 Azure Drake x2 Harrison Jones Stampeding Kodo Sunwalker x2

Episode 16 – Is PTR Real Life? With the PTR in full swing and seasons coming soon, what should you be doing with your play time? This week Archon and Neinball go over all the recent news and developments from the PTR. With the death of Neinball’s latest Demon Hunter our hosts also reminisce over some of their past losses in Hardcore.

Completely cheating for this week’s budget deck of the week by featuring Reynad’s hunter deck from Dreamhack. Episode 17: Hunter Control Deck from Dreamhack Reynad Budget Hunter Class: Hunter Hunter (22) Hunter’s Mark x2 Flare x2 Tracking x2 Freezing Trap x2 Starving Buzzard x2 Eaglehorn Bow x2 Animal Companion x2 Kill Command x2 Unleash the Hounds x2 Houndmaster x2 Savannah Highmane x2 Neutral (8) Stonetusk Boar x2 River Crocolisk x2 Oasis Snapjaw x2 Stranglethorn Tiger x2


Episode 44: Warlords of Draenor Coming to Console? Articles Covered Rob Pardo departs from Blizzard Warlords coming to console? Starcraft 2 sale Patch 2.1.0 PTR updates Curse of Naxx pricing info Clarity on golden cards Changes to death rattle

Episode 23: Beta Dungeon Impressions and a Farewell to Rob Pardo, Sean and Matt discuss Rob Pardo’s departure from Blizzard along with special guest host @GitErRaid. With the beta having been out for some time, the crew talk about their first hand impressions at the new dungeons. Matt happens to go off on a tiny tangent towards the end about how healing feels overall and whether or not the sky is actually falling. Don’t worry. It’s not.

Episode 15 – New PTR Patch Archon and Neinball cover the latest update to the Patch 2.1 PTR. There are some interesting discussions happening between the devs about the high end difficulty balancing. Our hosts also go into the recent set of Monk nerfs and the Crushing Blow mechanic.


Last Chance to Join the Edge!

by matticus on

Sean and I are still going over applications for that elusive third co-host for The Edge! We’re hoping to go live with the extremely lucky individual next week, but there’s still time for you to get your application in! If you’re still nervous, let me offer you a few pointers. Tips Speak clearly. Don’t mumble. Speak at a normal pace. Pretend you’re just having a conversation. No need to rush yourself or feel pressured. Relax! Slow it down! I’m guilty of this but that’s because I’m really excited about the news and topics we’re discussing. Easy on the Um’s. If you find yourself going “um” or “uh”, to force yourself to inhale instead. Practice. It’s okay to do more than one take. Rehearse repeatedly with the gear you have. Fiddle with the volume if you need to. Practice and revise what you’re saying as you go! Speaking is way different than blogging or writing. Look

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