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Episode 28: Warlords Release Date! Good news, everyone! We have a release date! Warlords of Draenor is slated to go live on November 13, 2014! Which Edge crew member had the closest guess? Will did! Speaking of release dates, Matt went into further detail discussing the raid release schedule. That leaves about two and a half weeks to level to 100. Is that enough time? Is it too little or too much? One of the newest features in Warlords is the Group Finder. Will offers his take on the new feature and what it means for players and how they handle group content. Will thinks that it’ll be a new game changing feature that will seed widespread use and could even revitalize the raiding community! Finally, we touch on the topic of the final boss in Warlords of Draenor. Some players are a little miffed that it’s been revealed as Grom

Episode 20 – Just the Tip We’re back! Gamescom is over, the Ultimate Evil Edition has been release and Patch 2.1 is almost here! Join us as we look into the latest round of PTR changes, discuss some of the philosophies behind Patch 2.1, talk about the new console release and announce a new addition coming to the team!

Episode 25: Frost Wyrm Lair Walkthrough and Midrange Warlock Deck This week we polish off Naxx, discuss the cards and play around with a mid range Warlock deck.  We got a very quick reminder of casual play and what a “miracle” opening hand looks like for a priest.  12/12 Pagel?  C’mon Enjoy the show!


Episode 49: Will We Get New Classes in Hearthstone? Articles Discussed WoW Release Date and Cinematic Warlords Collector’s Edition Raid Schedule Reaper of Consoles Heroes of the Storm at GamesCom Hearthstone interview


Construct Quarter Walkthrough

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Episode 24: Construct Quarter Walkthrough Twizz and Studder cover the Construct Quarter as well as do the Warrior and Priest class challenges.  We also talk about the new cards and what other cards/decks they would combo well with!

Episode 27: Warlords of Draenor levelling speed, Last week, we mentioned that the release date for Warlords was going to debut on Thursday. Too bad we ran out of time and couldn’t get around to discussing what our predictions were! When do you think the expansion will drop? With the beta becoming more and more polished with every build, Will wanted to take a look at the approximately levelling speed going from level 90 to 100. How hard do you plan on levelling? Would you rather take your time and enjoy the sights and sounds the leveling experience has to offer or would you rather blitz to level 100 and get a taste of the end game? Contest details You still have a few more days before we give away five keys for the Warlords of Draenor beta! Last week on August 3rd, we sent a tweet out from The Edge account

Episode 19 – Diablo 1 Remake? Wondering where we were this week? Lost in Twitch limbo, that’s where. Archon and I are both incredibly sorry about the wait, there were issues getting the video exported out of Twitch. Hopefully that won’t happen again anytime soon! Also to be noted, there will be no Westmarch Workshop on August 13th, but we’ll be back August 20th with Episode 20 and some new surprises! -Neinball This week Archon and Neinball talk about some of the changes in the most recent patch and Archon highlights a mod created for Divinity looking to recreate Diablo 1.

Episode 48: Warlords Release Announcement, Will Hearthstone Reveal Something at PAX? Warlords Beta Key Winners Ammo Gaming Tv, Alexander Georgiev, Jose Antonio Gomez, michel c, Juan Ignacio Arístide, All wow, carlos de la cruz, momboom, Link544, krazikitkat, georgia asus, CobaltWolfe, Ryan Zaabani, BITNM, Mack Of Gaming, Bondero, EtarinPL, SkyFishGaming, Evilgamer, horgewow82 Articles Discussed WoW Loses Subscribers, Diablo #1 PC Game Warlords Release Event 10th Anniversary PTR Season 2 Open Heroes of the Storm Gets Speedier Heroes and Hearthstone at PAX What Could Hearthstone be revealing? Turn 2 Interview with Ben Brode

Episode 26: Street Date Reveal Event and Warcraft 10th Anniversary Heart of the Valorous buff returns! But that’s just the little news that seems to recur every few weeks. The big news? Thursday, August 14, we find out when the Warlords of Draenor expansion will be slated for release. On top of that, Blizzard has some great events lined up for Warcraft’s 10th anniversary! Tarren Mill and Southshore will be back as a deathmatch style battleground! Molten Core has returned and can be completed again as a 40 man raid in raid finder which rewards a special Core Hound mount for taking down Ragnaros. A new fiery pet, the Molten Corgi, will be available to any player who logs in during the 10 year anniversary event! Contest details You still have a few more days before we give away five keys for the Warlords of Draenor beta! Last week on August 3rd,

Episode 23: Military Quarter, Class Challenges, and Shaman Foolery The military quarter was a little on the easy side.  So we built some standard decks, walked through them, beat down the bosses and had a blast doing it.  After that we discussed a control Warrior Deck for laddering and we built a Shaman Deck on the fly utilizing the new class card!

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