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Titan Runestone Change Coming Next Week

by Zenstyle on         follow RobertAWing


Adventurer’s continuing through Wrathion’s legendary quest line will soon receive some relief when it comes to obtaining Titan Runestones. Lei Shen, the final boss of the Throne of Thunder raid, will soon drop a Runestone without fail upon being slain. Blizzard Community Representative Rygarius took to the forums explaining the change.

We agree and feel that Titan Runestones drop too rarely. We are going to make some changes to Lei Shen.

For players that are on the legendary quest line, Lei Shen will now always drop a  Titan Runestone. This is similar to what we did with rare drops in the past and will help players that have been experiencing really bad luck.

This change is still undergoing testing and is scheduled to take effect next Tuesday with the raid resets.

It’s always nice to see Blizzard taking note of, and quickly correcting this sort of thing. This change should absolutely help with the quest line.